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Here's how to use this site or, for newbies, about dirt bikes and tips.

About this website

As I got into riding dirt bikes, I grew tired of piecing together bits and crimps of information about places to ride, so I set out to find them all and organize them here to make it as easy as possible to plan your next ride.

I know there are those who would rather keep hush the location of our fun places, but I firmly believe that the only solution, in our mass-democracy, is to get as much support for this activity as possible, both in numbers and in image, i.e. compliance to regulations, noise limits etc. As our mass increases and our image improves, we can only benefit. Making it as easy as possible to enjoy this activity will therefore help the cause.

There are a few sites that list places to ride, but none is complete and to my liking:

If you're just getting into dirt bikes, make sure you visit OFTR and read all the information they provide, including legal requirements etc. Choose dirt-bike-clubs a club and join. Read more about dirt bikes.

And please keep the decibels down in the trails, ok? Loud pipes stink!

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We're listing only "approved" trails where dirt bikes (off-road motorcycles) are permitted, in southern Ontario. There's usually some fees and/or memberships associated with all these. The trails are generally multi-use so you will encounter people on foot, mountain bikes, ATVs, horseback riders. Be nice!

We're also listing the pay-to-play facilities with motocross tracks and/or trails.

If we're missing any interesting entries, please drop an email.

You should double check before heading out - things do change! That's why we include several links to other sites describing the same trail/track.

Good off-road gear is really important, trust me! Here's what you should have, in order of importance:

  • Off-Road DOT helmet - there is some concern about the apropriateness of SNELL helmets, since asphalt is rare in the forest…
  • Off-Road or Motocross boots - preferably with a good seal at the top to keep water and dirt out.
  • Chest protector or body armor of some sort
  • MX gloves - must have some really nice colors
  • handguards / bark busters

Have fun!

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