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The largest and as far as I've seen, the best place to ride. It costs 20$ a pop or 100$/yr. It's really multi-use, you will encounter ATVs, trucks, horseback riders. Be nice.

There's a huge combination of double and single track of varying difficulty. There's also many entry points.

Probably the best way to be introduced to this forest is attending one of the OFTR's trail rides: several of these trail rides are in the Ganaraska Forest, tens of kilometers and hours of fun, with gas truck and lost riders & found bikes services (beware the sweepers).



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We're listing only "approved" trails where dirt bikes (off-road motorcycles) are permitted, in southern Ontario. There's usually some fees and/or memberships associated with all these. The trails are generally multi-use so you will encounter people on foot, mountain bikes, ATVs, horseback riders. Be nice!

We're also listing the pay-to-play facilities with motocross tracks and/or trails.

If we're missing any interesting entries, please drop an email.

You should double check before heading out - things do change! That's why we include several links to other sites describing the same trail/track.

Good off-road gear is really important, trust me! Here's what you should have, in order of importance:

  • Off-Road DOT helmet - there is some concern about the apropriateness of SNELL helmets, since asphalt is rare in the forest…
  • Off-Road or Motocross boots - preferably with a good seal at the top to keep water and dirt out.
  • Chest protector or body armor of some sort
  • MX gloves - must have some really nice colors
  • handguards / bark busters

Have fun!

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