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Pay-to-play, includes several tracks and tens of kilometers of trails, in Chatsworth, south of Owen Sound. Training for off-road and motocross available. We had great fun here, too. See more details on their nice website:

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The main track is fast!





Maybe flickr has more pictures?

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We're listing only "approved" trails where dirt bikes (off-road motorcycles) are permitted, in southern Ontario. There's usually some fees and/or memberships associated with all these. The trails are generally multi-use so you will encounter people on foot, mountain bikes, ATVs, horseback riders. Be nice!

We're also listing the pay-to-play facilities with motocross tracks and/or trails.

If we're missing any interesting entries, please drop an email.

You should double check before heading out - things do change! That's why we include several links to other sites describing the same trail/track.

Good off-road gear is really important, trust me! Here's what you should have, in order of importance:

  • Off-Road DOT helmet - there is some concern about the apropriateness of SNELL helmets, since asphalt is rare in the forest…
  • Off-Road or Motocross boots - preferably with a good seal at the top to keep water and dirt out.
  • Chest protector or body armor of some sort
  • MX gloves - must have some really nice colors
  • handguards / bark busters

Have fun!

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